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We have searched out other sources and NOW DO HAVE THESE PLANTS IN STOCK!

Aerangis citrata NEW High on our favorites list, plants are spiking now Dec 2013. BS $35.00

Angreacum bosseri Smaller growing with beautiful flowers large flowers BS $45.00

Angreacum magdalenae One of the most awesome of the secies, beautiful matt green fan shaped foliage, large white flowers emerge from the base. Nice multi fan plants BS $65.00

Aerangis mysticidii NEW rarely offered pendant spike mounted. BS $35.00

Angreacum sesquipedale Sib cross of select clones. Awesome flowers, 13 inch long spur. Darwin described the moth that pollinated this as having a 13 inch long tongue. He was ridiculed about this until 10 years after his return to England it was discovered. BS $75.00 Arachnis flos-aeries

Arachnis flos-aeries* ---> Large spidery flowers golden green background with reddish to wine barring. We love this group of species. These are VERY large plants. LIMITED BS $175.00

Cattleya aclandiae sib cross with two dark clones BS $45.00

Cattleya maxima purple form beautiful large plants, one of our favorites BS $55.00

<--- Cattleya maxima semi alba one of our favorite and easy species BS $55.00

Cattleya maxima semi alba 'La Pedrena' SM/JOGA Large plants BS $65.00

Coelia bella ---> Rarely offered beautiful deep rose and white flowers that emerge from the base of new growths Large BS $55.00

Cocleanthes flabelliformis we keep these in shallow pans with water in them, they now bloom all the time, the same for the Pescatorias BS $35.00

Dendrobium abbereans sib cross and beautiful VERY small compact plants NICE BS $30.00 Dendrobium amethystoglossum

<--- Dendrobium amethystoglossum An awesome species clusters of pendant white flowers with a deep amethest lip. The nicest plants we have everhad. Large BS $55.00

Dendrobium dearei Large white flowers on bright green canes nice plants. BS $45.00

Dendrobium giffthanum New to our list beautiful full plants of this hard to find species. rich golden flowers cascade down with deep orange in the waxy lip.    BS $45.00

Dendrobium lawesii NEW Bright orange with bright yellow edges flower along canes in clusters compact growers very easy blooms often. BS $35.00

Dendrobium spectabile Awesome sib cross of this spectacular species In spike Jan 2015 BS 45.00 Dendrobium tetragonum

Dendrobium tetragonum --->   NEW Just received these potted beautiful plants. BS $35.00

Dendrobium thrysiflorum Awesome pendant hanging clusters of white flowers with orange/yellow throats. One of our favorites a must have for collectors. Nice BS plants $45.00

Dendrochilum bicallosum peach corkscrew inflorecenses, small compact plants. BS $35.00

Dendrochilum magnum the largest and best of this fragrant species. BS $45.00 Dendrochilum tenellum

<--- Dendrochilum tenellum Wonderful small growing species we love it very limited. BS $35.00

Dendrobium thrysiflorum Awesome pendant hanging clusters of white flowers with orange/yellow throats. One of our favorites a must have for collectors. Nice BS plants $45.00

Dendrochilum bicallosum peach corkscrew inflorecenses, small compact plants. BS $35.00

Dendrochilum magnum the largest and best of this fragrant species BS $45.00

Dendrochilum tenellum Wonderful small growing species we love it very limited BS $45.00

Dendrochilum wenzelii YELLOW RARE deep yellow form nice up right foliage BS $25.00

Dimorphorchis lowii* Probably one of the most unusual plants in the orchid world two distinctly different flowers blooming on the same long pendant inflorescence! Male and female.One is heavily scented dark yellow the other red spotted Very Rare! NBS $250.00

Dimorphorchis rossii* flowers are smaller than lowii and not as brilliantly colored. One yellow/orange the other creamy pink with wine spotting rare and exotic NBS $250.00 Encyclia cocleata alba

Encyclia cocleata alba ---> I have had a huge plant for years, and love its crystalline creamy white flowers. Fabulous home growers plant! Blooms for months consecutively so DO NOT CUT the spike.Great windowsill plant! BS $35.00 Encyclia cocleata

<--- Encyclia cocleata Fragrant green and deep purple black flowers that bloom consecutively for months. DO NOT CUT the spike Great windowsill plant! BS $35.00

Epidendrum mariae Beautiful bright green flowers edged in white chunky round bulbs BS 35.00

Epidendrum polybulbon NEW another great small growing species. BS $35.00

Galeandra leptoceras NEW Rarely offered species, small compact grower. BS $35.00

Galeottia fimbriata <--- Galeottia fimbriata Awesome species large fragrant waxy green flowers with wine barring nice fuzzy rose lip LARGE fragrant flowers are long lasting collector’s choice BS $65.00

Galeandra leptoceras NEW Rarely offered species, small compact grower BS $35.00

Habenaria medusa we got in a few plants and hope they survive not our usual. BS $35.00

Holcoglossum kimballianum NEW Bright fuschia lip terete can grow in clay pots. BS $35.00

Holcoglossum wangii NEW Great little terete growing species mounted easy. BS $30.00
Laelia anceps alba

<--- Laelia anceps alba a new sib cross the first to bloom is pictured BS $50.00

Laelia purpurata alba Laelia purpurata alba BS ---> plants of this rare species high light! The first to bloom was very nice!! Large BS $65.00

Lepotes bicolor alba white flowers hot pink lip great on a windowsill or lights. NICE BS $50.00

Masdevallia infracta RED NEW Grew this great on north window in Brooklyn nice BS $30.00

Masdevallia infracta ALBA NEW Got AOS CCM on one grown on windowsill BS $35.00 Masdevallia princeps

Masdevallia princeps NEW awesome species easy intermediate growing LIMITED BS $50.00 Max. reichenheimiana Max. reichenheimiana

Maxillaria reichenheimiana ---> beautiful deep green foliage with all over silver spots. Loads of rust and yellow flowers bloom around the base. Nice BS $45.00

Maxillaria sophrantis NEW Small growing bright green leaves brilliant red flowers from Base of growth intermediate growing but on cooler side they are blooming for me BS $45.00

Maxillaria tenufolia SMELLS LIKE COCONUT great species easy forms large clumps very quickly. Nice large plants beautiful deep red flowers around the base. BS $35.00

Oncidium ensatum Unusual not often offered species. In spike Jan 2015 BS 35.00 Pescatorea coronaria

<--- Pescatorea coronaria WOW we are so excited to have a few of these available rarely offered deep rose with a fuzzy lip. BS $50.00 Paraphalaenopsis labukensis

Paraphalaenopsis labukensis* ---> These have long terete pencil thin foliage that can grow as long as 5 feet. (These plants are not that long yet). Large brick red flowers trimmed in cream make this the BEST of the Paraphalenopsis FABULOUS Limited! BS baskets $125.00

Paraphalaenopsis lycockii new shipment large pink flowers large nice plants. BS $175.00 Pleurathalis gargantua

<--- Pleurathalis gargantua* Huge wine flowers on large rounded foliage beautiful plants of this hard to find species. HUGE 8 inch pots. VERY Limited BS $125.00

Pleurathalis teaguei* Awesome large wine flowers. We saw one in bloom and will never forget how great it was. Huge 8 Inch pots. VERY limited BS $125.00

Polystachia paniculata NEW one of the best of this genus upright plums of bright orange a must for the species collector. VERY nice multiple growth plants. BS $50.00

Psychopsis kramerianum WOW finally have the species back again. BS $75.00 Psychopsis papilio

<--- Psychopsis papilio  NEW One of our favorite species, we won more ribbons and trophies at shows with our large plant. We have a very limited supply from Taiwan breeding. NBS $75.00

Psychopsis papilio alba New One of our favorite species blooms continuously on same spike, DO NOT CUT SPIKE   NBS $75.00

Psychopsis versteegianum we are excited about finally having seedlings of this rarely offered Psychopsis. Probably two years from blooming size. $75.00

Psychopsis verteegianum x kramerianum OK not a straight species but close. BS $65.00 Robiquetia cerina

Robiquetia cerina ---> Wonderful fun species, bright rose clusters BS $45.00

Trichoglottis philippensis vanda like with deep wine flowers BS $45.00

Trichopilia margenata The most colorful of all the trichopillias, deep rose/wine red edged in white. Nice plants BS 50.00

Trichopilia suavis huge white flowers with a rose spotted large lip. The sib cross has produced beautiful plants and blooms. FRAGRANT! BS $45.00

Trichopilia tortilis Finally after years we have tracked down beautiful plants BS $45.00

Zygosephalum Rhein Clown (Zygosepalum labiosum x Zygopetalum Artur Elle) These are blooming huge but no scent, I really like them and kept some for myself, blooms twice a year with multispikes. In Bud Jan 2015 BS 45.00


Anoectochilus chapaensis velvety green veined with red, BRIGHT yellow flowers BS $35.00

Ludisia discolor red velvety veined foliage one of the prettiest of this group. NBS $35.00

Ludisia discolor alba

Ludisia discolor alba ---> Granny Smith green white veining white upright spikes. NICE! BS $35.00

Malaxis calophylla nice foliage very colorful BS $35.00

Malaxis metalactica beautiful deep glossy wine foliage very limited BS $55.00

Malaxis punctarta bright green leaves heavily spotted wine, rose colored stems BS $65.00 Sarcoglottis sceptrodes Stenorrhynchos speciosum

<--- Sarcoglottis sceptrodes rich green stripped in silvery white nice plants. BS $35.00

Stenorrhynchos speciosum ---> red flowers In bud Jan 2015 BS $35.00


Cymbidium dayanum

aloifolium pendent growing rich golden flowers with wine markings 20 plus flowers BS $45.00

dayanum ---> Our favorite from this section. We found a few more thought we were out! They are pendulous carrying anywhere from 5 to 10 flowers. BS $60.00


Coelogyne mooreana 'Brockhurst' FCC/AOS We have been asked for divisions of this and finally have very nice large plants available Limited 4 LARGE plants BS $45.00

Coelogyne ochrecea small growing upright white spikes VERY fragrant BS $45.00 Coelogyne usitana

Coelogyne usitana ---> Awesome Coelogyne, not available for years we now have them back again, BEAUTIFUL large BS plants a few in spike. They bloom consecutively for many, many months. My all time favorite Coelogyne species. BS $65.00


Brassovola David Sander Back again this spectacular hybrid between cucullata and digbyana. Fragrant large starry flowers.fuzzy lip some will have a slight pink tinge. BS $45.00

Blc. Mari's Song 'CTM 217' HCC/AOS <--- Blc Mari's Song 'CTM 217' HCC/AOS ANOTHER one of our favorites blooms twice a year on a windowsill! Large splash petals, fragrant you will love this! BS $45.00

Brassovola Little Stars We really love this, Fragrant. BEST WINDOWSILL PLANT BS $35.00

Brassia Edvah Loo 'Nishida' AM/AOS nice blooming size plants of the best Brassia. BS $50.00

Cataseatum Frilly Doris white with rose spots a collectors must BS $65.00

Cattleya Fascelis Beautiful compact grower heavily spotted from aclandiae parent BS $45.00

Cochleanthes Amazing YES these are they seem to always bloom wth large purple lipped flowers great windowsill plant do not let it get dry. BS $35.00

Cycnoches Jumbo Puff Finally a few hybrids that are really good BS $45.00

Cycnoches Wine Delight FCC/AOS beautiful swan like wine flowers collectors must BS $45.00

Masdevallia Machu Picchu AM/AOS we are able to grow this awesome rose beauty, not totally cool growing BS $50.00

Masdevallia Mary Staal AM/AOS beautiful yellow with orange tails easy good windowsill plant BS $45.00

Monnierara Millenium Magic This intergeneric cataseatum hybrid has awesome large black shinny and fragrant flowers. East, winter blooms. BS $50.00

Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird' Mini growing vandaceous plant deep blue flowers BS $25.00

Psychopsis Kalihii Looks so close to a papillio but with more ruffling in the petals, these have been blooming dark and large. Large 2 spike plants call for availability $65.00-$75.00

Zygopedilum Advanced Australia fragrant deep purple blue lip nice large palnts BS $50.00


amabillis var. grandflora Sib cross Beautiful full round White flowers. In spike Jan 3015 BS 45.00

amabilis var. rimestadiana Sib Cross Beautiful full round shaped crystalline white flowers. In spike Jan 2015 BS 45.00

mariae our all time favorite our older plant always takes ribbons at the shows. BS $50.00

philippense Beautiful mottled deep green foliage of this branching species. BS 45.00 Phal. speciosa

speciosa ---> Awesome new Phal, each flower is cherry and white random patterning. In spike BS 50.00

tetrapis alba spiking as of Oct 2013 BS $45.00


(not subject to discounts)

Laelia anceps alba 'Sterling Dickenson' AM/AOS call for size and price.

Laelia anceps veitchiania 'Fort Caroline' HCC/AOS 79 points almost AM call for size and price. Bulbophyllum fletcherianum

<--- Bulbophyllum fletcherianum the picture tells it all. Call. Bulbophyllum orthosephalum

Bulbophyllum orthosephalum ---> huge red phalaenopsis type foliage rarely offered call.

Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis Pleasant Dreams' HCC/ CHM/AOS call.

Bulbophyllum rothschildianum <--- Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Chappy' beautiful easy to bloom clone nice. BS $65.00

Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' Still the best large green Maudiae type a collectors "must have" different size divisions. Starting at BS $65.00

Paph. Clair de Lune 'Edgard Von Belle' FCC/RHS BS divisions Starting at BS $65.00

A * (star) after the species means they are not subject to discount.
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